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Heart to Heart is a collection of poems which mainly explore the meaning of life from the perspective of the author’s faith in Jesus. These poems do not profess to be ‘clever’. They are simple to understand and get to grips with. They are a spring-board to finding out more about God and although the subject-material is serious, some of the poems have a humorous slant.

In reading these poems, it is hoped that you yourself will put ‘pen to paper’ as it were and write down your own thoughts and aspirations whether that be in the form of Prose or Poetry. Get started and see where it will lead…

Written originally for the Royal London Hospital’s Radio Station: “Whitechapel AM”, the Poetry in Heart to Heart is intended to be for a wider audience to encourage, challenge and inspire. Take a look inside and discover for yourself more of God’s ideas. He is still communicating today and it is the author’s prayer that much of the content of this book will speak to your heart and that it will lead you into the adventure of a lifetime!